Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring Issue of White Cat Magazine is Online!

We'll be working all day and into the evening to post the Spring Edition of White Cat Magazine.  So if you have time, stop on over and read the new stories.

The winner of our April Fool's Flash Fiction contest is Alex Hughes whose story Cartoon Bastard Clouds has rather a surprise ending to put it mildly.

We have a marvelously off-kilter story by the always entertaining Marissa Lingen titled Dinosaurs of the Southern Dust Bowl.

If you enjoy end of the world stories (and who doesn't), there's always the intriguing Centralia, by the British writer Tony Haynes.

Dystopic science fiction is represented in fine form by the sharp-edged short story Breaking the Ice, by the Australian writer Robert N. Stephenson.

We also have an eerie ghost story Tryst by Brian K. Lowe that our editors just loved.

There'll be more going up later tonight, but til then- enjoy!

Oops.  Got to go.  It looks like she needs help with her typewriter.

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