Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Watch List Idea

Winner of the David B. Boyer Moral Code Award


Do any of you out there know of a congressional representative who is interested in digging into internet fraud across state lines?  We are researching this now, but I'd appreciate leads to help Amazon improve their corporate behavior re selling stolen content.

Here's my new letter to the Amazon legal department:


Dear Angela Johnson in the Amazon/CreateSpace Legal Department,

How about if Amazon/CreateSpace create a Watch List of known plagiarists who repeatedly use your service to publish their stolen materials.

Sure plagiarists like David B. Boyer of Vincennes, IN publish under a bunch of aliases to avoid being caught, but since your company has their social security numbers, you know who they are no matter what name they use.  And every time you pay them for selling their stolen material, you pay the thief and you keep profits from selling the stolen material.  You're kind of in bed together, which is really low.

And why don't you ban these creeps- the serial plagiarists with a demonstrating selling stolen content.  Is your company afraid of losing the money or just never thought of it?  They're abusing services and giving Amazon a bad name.

Here's another suggestion:  since your company has this massive data base of books and their content on your company's computers, why not actually run a comparison scan on books submitted to be published by you guys either through CreateSpace or Kindle to see if all or parts of the content are stolen?  I know your company can do it, the other writers know you can do it and the Federal Trade Commission knows that you can do it.

So before someone at the Federal Trade Commission starts to wonder why you're manufacturing books out of stolen material and selling this physical commodity of stolen property across state lines, maybe you could introduce a program where you self-police.

That way you would won't some day be in front of a congressional committee explaining why you don't check to see if your products are stolen.


Ferrel D. Moore

MySpace Tracker


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Let us know if you get a response. You sure held nothing back!

Rick said...

I'm not stopping on this until they make some changes to protect writers, Alex. Thank you so much for the support.

G. B. Miller said...

Our junior senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, was our former AG for many, many years, and he was pretty good at digging into stuff like that.

And getting our state attached to class action lawsuits as well.

Our current AG George Jepsen is picking up where Blumenthal left off at.

You might give either one of those a try.

Rick said...

I owe you one, G!

Ellen C Maze said...

I signed the petition and posted it on FB and twitter. I was plagiarized by Boyer in 2010. Thanks for all your work!

Rick said...

Thanks, Ellen- I really appreciate your support on this. Together we can make this happen.