Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tainted Blood Review

In between episodes of "The Alien Diaries," I thought I'd take a minute and share this excerpt of a review of my book "Tainted Blood" from the popular dark fiction review site She Never Slept.  The reviewer was their Columnist & Associate Editor Marc Nacerino.


"When I was asked to review Tainted Blood, by Ferrel D. Moore, all I knew was that there was a werewolf on the cover. I hope there aren’t sparkly vampires too, was my first thought.
I am happy to report that not only were there no sparkly vampires, but the werewolf action was intensely violent and satisfying. Here was a very interesting twist on the werewolf legend, but one that kept all the ferocity and carnivorous lethality that I have been craving in a shapeshifter story. No hokey “ancient bloodline” melodrama, no romanticized “Gaia’s warrior” baloney, and definitely no “team Jacob” treacle.
Not being one for spoilers, I will keep this brief.
The story follows Sveta, a Russian mercenary, on a blood-soaked romp through, and under, the streets of Chicago that involves Russian Special Forces, the Red Mafia, old-school Cold War spy games, and a very unlikely werewolf.
The action begins immediately, thrusting the reader into a black-op assassination attempt. We meet some of the major players here: Hauck, the spymaster who calls the shots remotely; Evgeny, the sniper who never misses; Yuri the tech wizard, and Sveta, the “new girl” on the team. The hit goes horribly wrong when the team is confronted by the patently impossible — their target, Drogol, either is protected by, or is himself, a werewolf.
This book was fantastic. Ferrel D. Moore paints a portrait of Chicago awash in blood with his vivid descriptions, terse dialog, believable settings (for the most part), and layered characterizations. All of this is woven into a rich tapestry of Russian history and alt-history, dating back to the time of the Tsars and the infamous Rasputin."
You can read the full review at She Never Slept


Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Good one!

Rick said...

Thanks, Bernard!

Vesper said...

Excellent review, Rick! But it was only to be expected for your wonderfully imaginative work... :-)

Rick said...

Funny, I think the same about your writing, too, Vesper!

Bonnee Crawford said...

Umm that is an AWESOME review! You should be really proud of this achievement. Aaaaand I really want to read it now :3

Rick said...

Aww, thank you, Bonnee.