Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Episode 13- Abduction

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Three men, faces too dark to see beneath their hoods, the one in the center pointing a gun at me.  The other two splitting off three feet to either side.  A cold shiver I couldn't stop.  My skin pimpled with fear.

"It's dead," I said.

"Get the bag," said the one with the gun.

Behind them, highlighted by the lights of a flare stack, I could see the small craft coming closer, getting larger.  It was highlighted by jagged electric arcs that sparked across its surface like a Tesla globe.

The man to my right walked over, pushed me so hard I fell back on unforgiving stones and took the bag back to the man with gun.  I felt a sharp pain in my elbow as it struck something metal.

"Open it," said the man with the gun.

The car engine idled a constant reminder that I could save my ass if only I could get inside without getting shot.  But guys like the man with the gun pulled the trigger fast and first.  Better to stay where I was.

I heard a rustle of plastic as they undid the bag to get a look at what was inside.  I'd already seen the blue skin and big dark eyes and didn't need a second look.  I just needed to get away.

One of the three shone a flashlight on the alien's head.

"What the fuck is this?"  said one of them.

"It's coming," I said and pointed behind them.

And it was.

Descending from the dark sky.  I could feel the hair on my head jump like I was standing too close to a transformer.

A spinning disc the size of an old Buick, coming alive with a surge of twisting electric arcs and headed our way.

"The fuck you say?" said one of them.

Three street thugs looking to do damage, looking to score, suddenly nervous.  It was in the one's voice- the corrosive angry sound of fear.

"Up there," I said, still pointing at the sky.  The sound of electrical discharge and a flash of white-blue light caused me to scramble to my feet.

They turned at the same time and craned their necks upward.  Saw it for the first time.  It was only fifty feet overhead and descending like Judgment Day.

By the time they started shooting at it, I was in the car, had the door closed and my foot on the pedal.  I spun the car in a wide arc.  My headlights lit the scene and I stopped, actually put my foot on the brake when a bright beam shot down from the craft and I saw my tormentors for the first time.  I saw their legs flail as they lifted straight up in the air, screaming like their spines were being pulled through the top of their heads.

The alien body bag floated up after them.

I held my breath and wondered if I'd be next.


Charles Gramlich said...

that last scene was appropriately gross, at least in my imagination.

Bonnee Crawford said...

That was intense! Loving some of the similes and metaphors you're using: descending like Judgement Day and whatnot. Awesome work :)

Rick said...

I love the concept of appropriately gross, Charles.

Rick said...

Thanks, Bonnee. I'm actually having some fun with this. It's like doing a pulp serial. Another writer already dared me to see if I could keep going straight til New Year's with this story. And I just might give it a try.

The rules of the game are that each episode is written in less thirty minutes and has to further the storyline and characters. If I get into trouble, I'll ask you to take over!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Good one!

Rick said...

Thanks, Bernard, I was actually thinking about our discussion re whatever keeps us writing when I started doing these episodes. Owe you one.