Monday, March 19, 2012

Serial Plagiarist David Boyer Runs New Scam

Imagine the horror!

This reporter was informed that writer Ferrel Moore was just bilked out of $10 over at,  where Indiana Sleaze David Boyer posted a project under a fake name.   It looked like a real screen project.  It looked like it was a project put up for a really good cause.  Mr. Moore apparently wanted to help this desperate screen-writer (now that we know it's really David Boyer in another cheap disguise we can guess why he's desperate), but now, alas, he is forced to report this scam to the authorities.

Is this known plagiarist, who has in the past sold books with stories he stole and put his name on, now guilty of fraud?  Or just insipid bad taste?  But is pretending to be someone else while asking for money without revealing his deviant past in the publishing industry a legal issue, or evidence of moral vacuity?    At the very least he has violated the Terms of Service of

Someone should tell them that.  This reporter wonders who will first spill the beans to them.

In further developments, now that Mr. Moore donated, he says he'll have to ask his attorney whether David Boyer the serial plagiarist has crossed another line or not.  While, of course, he's filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

This reporter sends a big thanks to b.thoughtful for letting writers and readers everywhere know about his new scam.  I learned it from her post at 

If anyone else has donated money online to the Indiana Sleaze while he is hiding under a fake name, you can file a complaint against him at (the Internet Crime Complaint Center).  Hopefully the state will someday award him an orange jumpsuit.


The twenty-fifth place runner-up in the David Boyer Look-Alike contest agreed to stand in for Serial Plagiarist David Boyer in the headline photo for purposes of this article. MySpace Tracker


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Isn't it terrible that people do that?

Rick said...

Yes it is, Alex. Imagine if you went to a bookstore and saw copies of your book "CassaFire," beamed with pride, then looked more closely and see that the title was actually "CassaFires" (neat trick, that adding an "s") and the author was listed as David Boyer, the serial plagiarist.

If your heart survived, you would open the book with trembling fingers and see to your utter horror that it actually was is your book word for word but his name is on it as the author instead of yours!

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, talk about a bad penny turning up everywhere.

Rick said...

It's more like cow dung turning up everywhere, Charles. Like instead of raining cats and dogs, it rains... well what an ugly picture.

Anna Smith said...

I never understand how people can do things like this. It just seems completely pointless. P.S: I've given you the versatile blogger award :)

Rick said...

My gosh, Anna- I didn't even know they had such an award! Obviously I must get more versatile still. :)

If you have time, Google "David Boyer plagiarist." You'll be absolutely amazed at what comes up.

JEFritz said...

What a sleaze. Thanks for reporting this. I don't think there's any reason he can't be guilty of fraud and bad taste.

Rick said...

Especially bad taste! :)

JR's Thumbprints said...

I quote Charles Manson when it comes to locking up scum:

"Any time that you don’t give the laws, and the rules, and the regulations to the most low-life fucking Manson in the world, then what you got is something coming from the will of God because the laws are made for survival."

It would be nice to see Boyer locked-up; however, your relentless pursuit of his bullshit scams may just tire him out and he'll stop. Heck, what's the point if the scammed money keeps going to defense attorneys?

Keep at it Rick!