Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sex and the Writer- Part Two of Five

You have to have it if you want to write.

It's hard to find because it's hiding somewhere between cliche and moral blindness.  But you have to have it.  You really have to want something.  You have to lust after someone or something in order for people to want to read what you write.  It's that simple.

Lust puts us in motion.  We have to move to get want we want.  We have to move to be interesting.

Lust keeps us focused.  

Really, you can only lust after one thing at a time.  Multi-tasking is a myth for writers.  A writer can "what if" their story to death.  What if this, what if that?  What if we just stay on point and tell the story?  But writers are creative.  After all, we're just making this stuff up.  So how do we keep the story on track?

Lust takes care of that.

Lust prioritizes.

Have you ever videotaped yourself while you're writing?  Do you  seem consumed with passion when you type?  Does your intensity threaten to melt your keyboard?

Or do you look boring?  Maybe you are bored.  Maybe you're writing the way you do when you you're having sex while watching television over your partner's shoulder.

Maybe you don't really love your story.  Maybe you aren't really obsessed with bringing your characters to life.  Maybe they aren't really your friends and lovers or enemies.

You could use a little lust in your writing life.

Your story could, too.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If we're bored, then our readers will be bored as well!

Rick said...

I'm so with you on that, Alex.

Charles Gramlich said...

For me, it would depend on what point I'm at in a story. at times the video would show me leaning back in my seat and looking very quiet. The thinking is happening. At other times it would show me banging away at the keyboard about as fast as I can. Rough draft time when the ideas are flowing. At other times I might be cussing when nothing is working out right!

Rick said...

You know, Charles, we should post YouTube videos of what we look like when we're writing.

I bet that when you're writing an action scene, that your eyes narrow and an evil look crosses your face.

Travis Cody said...

Interesting. And enlightening.

Rick said...

And slightly scandalous, too, Travis.