Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Is Amazon Guilty of Consumer Fraud?

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I like Amazon.  Love them, in fact.  But can someone tell me their corporate address in case Consumer Fraud Charges need to be filed against them?

We know they're the world's largest lovable book store.  Great prices.  Great inventory.  But guess what?  Now they're a publisher, too.

They publish books.

Many fine authors publish via Amazon.

Guess who else they publish? 

David Boyer, the sleazy plagiarist operating out of Vincennes, IN.

So if you're a writer, and David Boyer under one of his many aliases steals your stuff and publishes it for profit through Amazon, is Amazon guilty, too?  They know he's a plagiarist and have yanked some of his plagiarized works off their internet shelves.  But when he sends them a book like "Shadow Dolls" or "Mystery Indiana," they publish them without checking to see if they're plagarized.

So I ask you, if they know he's a plagiarist because they've had to take down some of his books, and they publish his new books without checking to see if they're plagiarized, are they now accomplices?

If they don't take a stand against David Boyer the Vincennes, IN plagiarist, is it because they don't mind making money off of stolen works?

Does this make them guilty of Consumer Fraud?


Travis Erwin said...

It should. But sadly probably won't. Seems in this court it is up to the victim to prosecute.

Rick said...

If the Attorney General of their state accepts it under Consumer Fraud, then they will handle the prosecution and associated costs! That's the good news.

Charles Gramlich said...

From what I've read, there are some folks publishing on amazon who are using those software programs to create basically nonsense books and selling them. Lots of glitchs in the system that have to be fixed, I guess.

Rick said...

I can live with the glitches, Charles- it's the publishing of stolen works that has me not happy with them and any other group that does the same.

mafarivar said...

It may be one of those situations where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, perhaps two different departments. They surely have a risk management or department. I would start with them, and appraise them again of the situation. They are a big company and may not appreciate the scope of the problem.