Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Market News

Editor Charles P. Zaglanis opened his new company “Edit Assistance this last week to provide a variety of of editorial services to those of us writers who need constructive input and developmental editing. He and his staff are accepting submissions from both published authors and non-published writers.

Although Mr. Zaglanis is best known for his work at Elder Signs Press and Dark Wisdom magazine, he is also highly respected for his skills as a writer. His story “Isle of Dreams” in the anthology “High Seas Cthulhu” is a masterpiece of dark fiction.

Firms like Edit Assistance have an interesting place in today’s competitive writing world, where the output demanded of us requires that we keep a faster pace than in the past. Many publishing houses have reduced their level of editorial control, and expect more of this to be handled by the individual writer.

But the faster we work, the more mistakes we make and the more editorial input we need. Bestselling authors realize what developing writers don’t: it helps to hire professionals. Professional writers need professional help. If developing writers ever want to be professionals, they can get a leg up on the competition by hiring someone to polish their manuscript. A polished manuscript capturers an editor’s eye, believe me.

So we should welcome Mr. Zaglanis’s help. We all need it.

I wrote this in approximately three minutes. Look for the mistakes. Let me know what you find.


Robin Eduardo said...

I definitely wish him luck in this endeavor. BTW, you and chuck scared the crap out of me concerning my own writing, and so I have gone back and am now currently deep in a complete rewrite of my book. But that's a good thing!

Rick said...

I'm betting with that attitude your book will be a winner, Robin!