Saturday, November 06, 2010

International Plagiarist David Boyer Invents New Aliases- Part I

David Boyer Might Be Losing Weight


Or not.

Pictures can be deceiving.  Although stress can be hard on you.

But he's had plenty of energy to work at being an International Plagiarist.  You see, he published my story in a South African online magazine called "Something Wicked."  The editor there, when he learned of Boyer's trunchant treachery, acted like a true professional and both apologized to me and attributed my story correctly.  Now there's a magazine editor!  And of course, I'm contacting this editor asking that they file with the IC3 as well.

After I learned he'd plagiarized me on another continent, Stuart Yates (now living in Spain) was worried he couldn't do anything about the time Boyer plagiarized him. But he  has now filed with the IC3 ("The Internet Crime Complaint Center).  And since David Boyer and his entire family of aliases live in Indiana, the complaint and investigatory responsibility goes to the Attorney General of Indiana.  You see that's where David Boyer does business.

So that's South Africa and Spain now.

Then there's Stephen Blundell who today filed with the IC3 all the way from Australia!

Wow.  South Africa, Spain and Australia.  Busy, busy, busy.
Is there more coming?  Of course!

Stay tuned.

In our next episode- how creepy plagiarists like David Boyer use false identities and aliases to cover their tracks and how to find them anyway so you don't get robbed of your creative work.

By the way, Stephen and Stuart don't take things lying down- they fight back. 

Do you know how to fight back and not have to spend a fortune doing it?

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Sandi McBride said...

I know that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but outright thievery is not to be abided! I'm enjoying these trips into plagerism, and of learning how to combat this cyber crimewave!

Rick said...

Morning, Sandi! These guys are so sleazy. They have no conscience. This one in particular- David Boyer writes these really demeaning emails to women, trying to bully them into silence. He calls their work "silly little stories" not worth even discussing. Then he calls them unprofessional if they try to let anyone else know. He's a real creep, this one is.

G said...

General observation: This has the making of a creepy little graphic novel or something.

Specific observation: Is it me, or are people (like that "editor" from that cooking e-zine) getting incredibly rash to the point of making the victim feel guilty about complaining?

Rick said...

If you'll write it, I'll buy it, G- because I think you're absolutely right.

That Cooks Source plagiarism was a good example of how to run yourself out of a job. The editor should have confessed, apologized, then moved on. But some need to be superior and to make the victim apologize for their own worth seems to drive these creeps. So, I think you're right.

Middle Ditch said...

Some good information here. Thanks Rick.

Christina said...

This is so awesome Rick. You keep this fight going! I'm behind you.

Rick said...

You're welcome, Monique. We just came across a UK author who is going to file against Boyer. He's been such an active plagiarist that we should be able to collect several victims from each continent, although I'm not sure he plagiarized anyone from Antarctica.

Rick said...

You're a really good friend, Christina. I'd like to get these creeps straightened out before they go for my your work. GL on the novel!

Charles Gramlich said...

BOyer is the International Man of Thievery.

Rick said...

Is he ever, Charles!