Monday, July 26, 2021


Adventurer Gabe Turpin is back! In his book, The Third Temple, in Ethiopia, anthropologist Gabe Turpin is pressed into service by a group of modern Knights Templar to find antiquity’s greatest relic: the Ark of the Covenant. The society of Templars wants to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, and harness its power to transform the human spirit.

Turpin and the modern Templars enter a deadly race against a secret cabal of internationalists that also wishes to possess the power of the Ark, and unleash an apocalyptic final solution in the Middle East.

In THE THIRD TEMPLE, Gabelhouse deftly mixes ancient
legend, Biblical apocrypha, secret societies, Hi-tech weaponry,
martial-arts action, espionage, and religious intrigue to craft a thriller
for the spiritually curious.