Monday, December 10, 2012

Working the Writing Deals

With 15 or 16 magazines being published at White Cat Publications now that Sam's Dot Publishing and White Cat are merging operations, I realized that it's been a month since I blogged and am now one of those bloggers trying to explain where they've been for an extended period of time.

The thing is that there are a lot of people committing a lot of time and good faith to White Cat's success, and I very much appreciate their trust.

So I'll be spending a lot less time blogging and a lot more on making sure that White Cat's growth trajectory is such that writer's have more places to submit their stories than ever before and readers can discover a new home for genre stories.

Happy Holidays to anyone I don't talk to before next Spring!  By then the company should be well on its way.

Also, I'm looking about for another small press publisher to acquire.  If you know anyone out their who might be looking for a new home for their publishing efforts, let me know, will you?  I hate seeing good magazines or book publishers fold just because they can't carry on.